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From late 1997 until mid 2002 I ran a web site for primarily about web based 3D graphics. Originally the site was called, (the company was originally called "The Mining Company"), then the site was changed to, and finally During that time it became one of the key information resources about web3d industry, and was lots of fun! One part of the site were weekly articles and this is an archive of those articles.


5/17/02 - How much Rich Media is Out There
The fourth in our occasional surveys of search engine hits for rich media types, such as VRML, QuickTime, Shockwave and so on, that are out there in the Web.

3/14/02 - Web3D 2002 it Was A Cool Conference
A trip reprt about the Web3D 2002 Symposium in Tempe Arizona.

2/21/02 - Review: Creating Interactive 3-D Actors and Their Worlds
A terrific book by Jean-Marc Gauthier covering a complex and fascinating topic to teach you how to populate your virtual worlds with cool characters.

12/11/01 - Review: Animusic
Animusic's Video Album is an amazing animated feast for the eyes and ears.

10/24/01 - Review: D Joiner
A look at D Vision Works panoramic stitching tool, D Joiner.

10/17/01 - Review: Swift 3D Version 2.0
A look at Electric Rain's new version of Swift3D a 3D tool for Flash.

9/26/01 - Osama Bin Laden Sings
A little tune, fit for recent events.

9/12/01 - VrmlPad Strikes Again
Check out ParallelGraphics new version of the best VRML editor out there, VrmlPad 1.3.

8/22/01 - SIGGRAPH 2001 Recap
So what happened at SIGGRAPH 2001. How was the Web3D Roundup? Any new cool stuff? Here's a quick recap of the week.

8/15/01 - SIGGRAPH 2001 is Coming
It's time for THE premier computer graphics events of the year. Check this page often as loads of new pictures will be added daily. Coverage of the famed exhibition, Web3D Roundup and more!

8/1/01 - Visualizing Faith-based Missile Defense
Do you believe! Science and physics are so uncooperative sometimes, so let's move on to the Faith-based Missile Defense System. We believe we can!

7/11/01 - Flashing with Viewpoint
A look at the new capabilities of Viewpoint's 3D player that enables the integration of Flash with 3D content on Web pages.

6/13/01 - Random 3D News
3D is popping out all over on the Web. News from Pulse, Viewpoint, Jon Peddie Associates, 3D on your cellphone, Steely visualizations from NIST and more.

5/30/01 - Reagan, Bush and Visualizing Star Wars
Using 3D technology to improve the user interface of the impending missile defense system, aka Star Wars, and have fun too!

5/23/01 - What is: Rendering
A simple introduction to the computer graphics process called "rendering" which paints 3D images on to the display screen.

5/9/01 - Timothy McVeigh and the Big 3D Opportunity
Some modest suggestions on how to "market" an execution with 3D graphics.

5/2/01 - What is: Virtual Reality
An introduction to immersive virtual reality and the basic components required.

4/25/01 - Adobe and Macromedia, Oh My!
Some thoughts on Adobe and Macromedia's entry into the world of Web3D.

4/11/01 - Adobe Atmosphere, First Impressions
A quick look at Adobe's new entry into the muliuser Web3D world.

4/01/01 - Virtual Reality Implant and President Bush
Recently uncovered documents prove that President George W. Bush has undergone a secret Virtual Reality Implant!

3/28/01 - Welcome to 3D Graphics/Virtual Reality
We've expanded the scope of this site. Come take a look at the new catagories. Web3D remains the heart but now we've added some more to the body.

3/14/01 - D Sculptor, 3D from Photos
A look at D Vision Works product D Sculptor a tool to let you create true 3D polygonal models based on photographs.

3/7/01 - Some CG, Computer Graphics, Lingo
Some definitions of commonly used CG terms, computer graphics speak for geeks.

2/28/01 - Web3D RoundUP 2001 in Paderborn
A look at the Web3D RoundUP with lots of photos in Paderborn.

2/21/01 - Web3D 2001 Travelogue
A photographic tour through the Web3D 2001 Conference in Paderborn Germany.

2/14/01 - 3ds Max Meets Darwin for Web3D
Did you know that 3D Studio Max offers a wide array of Web3D export tools? Here's a look at them.

2/7/01 - Core Web3D Book Review
A look at a unique resource book from Aaron Walsh and Mikael Bourges-Sevenier.

1/31/01 - Web3D Security Discussion
An examination of recent discussions concerning VRML's content security, or lack thereof.

1/24/01 - Three Recent Web3D Examples
A look a three new Web3D examples, LifeFx's facemail, QEDsoft's avatars and OfficeDepot.

1/17/01 - More GeoVRML
A more detailed look at how to georeference VRML objects via a terrific GeoVRML example created by Martin Reddy one of GeoVRML's creators.

1/10/01 - GeoVRML an Overview
A quick introduction to GeoVRML a "recommended practice" of VRML that enables content developers to manage geographic data accurately and efficiently.

1/3/01 - Looking Forward to 2001
Ahh, 2001 is here and the continuing stuggle for the one true 3D standard rages. 3D formats proliferate and all is well in the land as the thousand format flowers bloom.


12/27/00 - Part II: Repurposing Content with Pulse3D
The second and final article by Dan Meblin describing how to turn your animation content into dynamic Web 3D content. Take advantage of the animation and streaming capabilities of Pulse3D.

12/20/00 - Repurposing Content with Pulse3D
Check out this fabulous tutorial about Pulse3D written by Dan Meblin. Learn how to get your content ready for the Web using Pulse3D a great tool for character animation.

12/13/00 - A Smooth PROTO Globe
A look at a PROTO for a new controllable sphere. You can texture it and control it's resolution.

12/06/00 - Dynamically Creating VRML, createVrmlFromString
A little tutorial on the createVrmlFromString JavaScript function to let you programmatically generate VRML. A powerful technique and fun too!

11/29/00 - Looking at X3D and VRML
A brief look at the different VRML and XML encodings for X3D.

11/22/00 - Intro to the Web3D Glossary
Have a look and the brand spanking new Web3D Glossary.

11/15/00 - 3D Shopping for All Seasons
A little shopping for the holiday season utilizing 3D technologies.

11/08/00 - Faces, I see Faces
A look a face2face and Eyematic's facial recognition systems.

11/01/00 - SigningAvatar
A fabulous new way of getting your site signed with a personal virtual sign language avatar, from Vcom3D.

10/25/00 - Big Time Web3D
A little look at how 3D on the Web is popping up in some big time places.

10/18/00 - Hierarchical Motion Explained
Learn how to make a solar system and understand what a nested transform is so you too can sound like a geek.

10/04/00 - Part 3: Flip that Switch, Widgets with VRML
Make the switch animate up and down in a toggling manner just like the real thing.

9/27/00 - Part 2: Learning About Widgets with VRML
Let's make that switch act like a toggle switch, the way a regular light switch works.

9/20/00 - Learning About Widgets with VRML
The start of a tutorial series on creating interactive controls, most often called widgets.

9/6/00 - Back to School, Tutorials Guide
A quick look at where to go to get the best VRML and Web3D tutorials, to help you get back into that schooling frame of mind.

8/30/00 - Letting a Thousand 3D Flowers Bloom
There are a loads of new proprietary 3D formats and viewers for 3D on the Web, here's a quick look at them.

8/23/00 - Flatland and Open Source, Mike Powers Speaks
A look at how one company is moving into the Open Source arena and what they hope to gain.

8/16/00 - Who Wan't to be a Web3D/VRML Wiz?
You're very own version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Fun but without the cash!

8/9/00 - A Simple Introduction to X3D
A look at the evolving VRML200x also known as X3D, standard the next generation VRML.

8/3/00 - SIGGRAPH 2000 and Web3D Roundup Wrapup
A look back at some of the week's highlights.

7/26/00 - SIGGRAPH 2000 Happening
Over 250 photographs of the year's big Web3D event.

7/19/00 - SIGGRAPH 2000
The anticipation buildes for this, THE, big computer graphics event of the year.

7/12/00 - IBM's HotMedia 3.0
A quick look at IBM's awesome rich media authoring tool which includes 3D media.

7/5/00 - Swift3D, 3D Graphics for Flash
Simply marvelous 3D vector graphics for all your Flash applications.

6/28/00 - Roomancer a 3D Multiuser Chat System
A very cool 3D multiuser chat system by the German company Moove.

6/21/00 - Tutorial: More Understanding the IndexedFaceSet (IFS)
A look at some of the boolean flags that are part of the IFS.

6/14/00 - Tutorial: Understanding the IndexedFaceSet (IFS)
Learn all about the wonders of making polygons with the IndexedFaceSet node of VRML.

6/7/00 - Tutorial: Converting VRML to Shout3D
Learn how to convert VRML to shout3D, via the magic of spazz3D.

5/30/00 - Web3D Viewing No Plug-ins Needed
You don't necessarily need a plug-in to view 3D on the Web, here are some systems for easy 3D viewing.

5/24/00 - What do you want Web3D to become?
An interactive article, a bunch of issues on the future of Web3D you can talk back in the forum.

5/17/00 - ParallelGraphics Internet Space Builder
One part of ParallelGraphics robust VRML authoring suite of tools.

5/10/00 - 3D Conference and Expo, Some Observations
A look at Miller Freeman's big 3D conference of the year, with an exposition and award show too.

5/3/00 - How much VRML and Related Formats are Out There
The third survey on a variety of formats out on the Web.

4/26/00 - Be Here's 360-degree Internet Video
A look at an awesome 360 degree video system that let's you look where every you like.

4/19/00 - Superscape's SeV
A technological step forward and questionable business model takes charge at Superscape as it pursues the 3D e-commerce world.

4/12/00 - blaxxun's Instant Community
A look at the first turn-key virtual community system.

4/5/00 - Metastream and MTS3
A new company hits the street with major products, services and an interesting business model.

3/29/00 - OVAL and Open Source VRML
Check out the Open VRML Advancement League.

3/22/00 - UMEL and Spazz3D
A look at how Spazz3D supports the Universal Media Element Library.

3/15/00 - Deep Dynamics
News products, tools and work are leading to dynamic worlds.

3/8/00 - Spazz3d and Shout3d a Killer Combo
A look at a new authoring and delivery combination of products.

3/1/00 - As the Web3D Consortium Turns
Events, and happenings from the Web3D|VRML 2000 conference.

2/23/00 - Daily Web3D VRML 2000 Conference Happenings
The daily events of Web3D VRML 2000.

2/16/00 - An Introduction to Web3D
What is Web3D and where things are headed.

2/9/00 - blaxxun3D and Shout3D
A look at the two leading plug-in less X3D implementations.

2/2/00 - E-Commerce Web3D's Killer App
Find out what's happening on the Web with 3D for E-Commerce.

1/26/00 - Catagorizing Avatar Authoring Tools for VRML
A terrific summary of avatar tools by Paul Hoffman and Mike Fletcher a couple of VRML content guru's.

1/19/00 - AWABA Virtual Online World for Australian Kids
An innovative Australian government sponsored program for getting kids into technology.

1/12/00 - Guides and Sites via 3D
A little 3D navigation of some random sites.

1/5/00 - Musings on the Future of Web3D
Web3D Consortium, authoring issues, killer applications and more.


12/29/99 - 3D, the Millenium and Y2K
A little millenium musings, 3D connections and a little Y2K.

12/22/99 - Dangerous Art, VRML, Java and High Technology
Survival Research Labs is kicking up some dust, explosions and having a grand old techno-time.

12/15/99 - Virtual College - Tours and More at V-UCSC
A fabulous 3D muliuser tour of a college campus with loads of information.

12/08/99 - 3D Content from Images
See what folks are doing with the ability to create objects and spaces from photographs.

12/01/99 - Shocking with 3D Dreams
A look at 3D Dreams a Director based Web3D solution from Shells Interactive.

11/24/99 - Hey This Stinks!
Smell is coming to a Web site near you, get all the aromatic facts.

11/17/99 - Chisel the VRML Optimizer
Craft fine VRML code using the premier VRML optimizer Chisel, from Trapezium.

11/10/99 - 3D Photography to the Web
A look at new hardware and software for putting your 3D wares on the web.

11/3/99 - Introducing ZEP
A first look at ZEP the new character on the virtual block.

10/27/99 - Have Avatar Will Travel
A look at blaxxun's Avatar Studio, the next cool tool for avatar creation.

10/20/99 - Lauryn Hill Goes Flat
Lauryn Hill's first live webcast inside of Flatland's 3D space for AltaVista.

10/13/99 - Virtual Celebrities
Virtual celebrities, high impact characters are hitting the web and world.

10/6/99 - Blaxxun Source Code is Out
The source code to blaxxun's VRML browser, Contact, is available!

9/29/99 - Geometra - 3D from Images for Geeks
Another serious tool for creating 3D environments from images.

9/22/99 - Spotnik - 3D for Dummies
A look at Flatland's simple 3D authoring tool.

9/15/99 - A Little Fashionable 3D
Shout Interactive's 3D fashion show for Macy's and Excitextreme and no-plug-in needed.

9/8/99 - Can we Canoma
A look at MetaCreations 3D from images software package, Canoma.

9/1/99 - Call Me Avatar
AvatarMe creates a booth that magically turns you into an avatar.

8/25/99 - Virtual Models, Really!
Supermodels go virtual from the Elite Modeling Agency and Illusion2K.

8/18/99 - SIGGRAPH 99 Recapped
A look back at the Web3D events of SIGGRAPH 99.

8/11/99 - A SIGGRAPH 99 Travelogue
All the news fit to webify with lots of pix from SIGGRAPH 99.

8/4/99 - Adventures with the NYVRMLSIG
A night of fun with the NY VRML SIG (Special Interest Group).

7/28/99 - Moon Walk in Cyberspace
A reenactment of the first landing on the Moon.

7/21/99 - ImageTexture, an Intro to VRML Texture Mapping
Learn how to texture your world.

7/14/99 - Multiuser Virtual Concert
Check out what happened at this musical, virtual event.

7/7/99 - X3D, Next Generation VRML
The latest on X3D the futures of 3D for the Web.

6/30/99 - HUDs Away
So you want to create a Heads Up Display in VRML, there are lots of places to look for info.

6/23/99 - Universal Media
A new method helping authors create and deliver content becomes a reality.

6/16/99 - Worldcon, Science Fiction Virtual Style
A developing virtual conference supporting the real one is looking for volunteers.

6/9/99 - A Little Sip of Java 3D
A look at Sun's Java 3D, what it is and isn't plus links.

6/2/99 - An Intro to Immersive VR
So what is immersive VR and where can you find out about it.

5/26/99 - What is Panoramic Imaging
Let's take a look at panoramic imaging technologies.

5/19/99 - Getting Started with Web3D
Find out what Web3D is and where to go for more information.

5/12/99 - Multiuser Worlds V: Blaxxun Boogie Woogie
A look at the king of multiuser VRML systems and more.

5/5/99 - An Intro to Focus on Web3D
A introduction to the new sequel to Focus on VRML, this site!

4/28/99 - Multiuser Worlds IV: Holodesk
A new VRML based multiuser chat environment from start-up VRTelecom.

4/21/99 - Multiuser Worlds III: Active Worlds
Check out this highly popular multiuser world where you can create your own homestead.

4/14/99-Multiuser Worlds II: Some Open Source Multiuser Systems
A look at VNet and DeepMatrix the two major open source native VRML multiuser systems.

4/7/99-Multiuser Worlds I: Lots of Sites
Part 1 in a series looking at the spread of multiuser worlds through the net.

3/31/99-A New Face and More for the Web3D Consortium
Happenings and announcements from the Web3D Consortium and more.

3/24/99-VRML at CeBit
Andrew Reitemeyer reports on some VRML products and presence at CeBit.

3/17/99-PLATINUM Releases Source
PLATINUM changes methods for releasing CosmoPlayer source code and agrees on extremely open source.

3/10/99-VRML the Open Source Issues
Issues and status of the move available VRML browser source code.

3/3/99-Impressions of VRML99
Some thoughts on the conference and VRML directions.

2/17/99-VRML-NG to X3D The Plot Thickens
Three sources of 3D Valentines for your sweetie.

2/10/99-A Threesome for 3D Love
Three sources of 3D Valentines for your sweetie.

2/3/99-More, How Much VRML is Out There
A six month check up on VRML usage on the Web.

1/27/99-Serious Science
A peek at some serious scientific applications using VRML.

1/20/99-Community Talk
Exploring some resources for on-line communities.

1/13/99-European VRML
A look at European VRML companies and activities.

1/6/99-A New VRML Year
The VRML development process and some thoughts on process.


12/23/98-VRML to Web3D for 99
The VRML Consortium expands its charter and change to the Web3D Consortium.

12/16/98-The Little 3D Engines that Could
Some recent offerings for non-VRML 3D for the Web.

12/9/98-Learning VRML, Some Sources
Here are the best resources for learning VRML.

12/2/98-MP3 Sound and VRML
Using the MP3 sound format with VRML worlds.

11/25/98-Avatars, Characters and More
A look at Avatars 98 a conference in cyberspace for cyberspace.

11/18/98-Chromeffects Gets Tarnished
Microsoft's new 3D for the Web technology gets delayed.

11/11/98-Simple Content Creation
A look TriVista's 3D ImageScene, a simple tool for authoring image viewers in VRML.

11/4/98-UMEL, Universal Media Element Library
A look at activities of the UMEL Working Group as it builds a library for VRML content development.

10/28/98-Live Art, Simple Desktop 3D
It's not VRML but it's a simple desktop 3D package with innovative features and darn fun to use.

10/21/98-Focused for a Year
That's right, its been about a year since I've been working on this site.

10/14/98-VRML Whining has Stopped
Work on the next generation VRML is moving along and more stability has returned.

10/07/98- VRML Domain Name Roulette
You'd be amazed at all the VRML Domains out there.

9/30/98- VRML Dream Cometh
Streaming Shakespearean VRML is on its way.

9/23/98- Chucky Baby! A Pioneer Discovers VRML
Computer artist pioneer Charles Csuri's new VRML work.

9/16/98- VRML with a PLATINUM Tint
A look at the new VRML big boy on the block.

9/9/98- ABC, Vee Are Emm Ell
A little educational ABCs in the land of VRML.

9/2/98- The Voices of VRML
A look at discussions and options for a next generation VRML.

8/26/98- XML, Not Your Mother's Markup Language
A brief description of the eXtensible Markup Language with pointers to lots of resources. to VRML.

8/19/98- Chromeffects- Look Ma It's So Shiny
A look at Microsoft's new 3D for the Web technology. to VRML.

8/12/98- Java3D and VRML
A look at Sun's new 3D API for the 3D on the Web and its relationship to VRML.

8/3/98- It's a 3D Web World
A peek at some new technologies for 3D on the Web.

7/27/98- SIGGRAPH 98 Reflections
A look back at the action packed week at the 25th anniversary of SIGGRAPH.

7/20/98- A SIGGRAPH 98 Travelogue
A daily view of VRML events at the premier computer graphics event.

7/13/98- Getting Started with VRML
Guidance on getting going with VRML.

7/6/98-'s VRML97 Browser Datasheet
An evolving list of VRML Browsers and their capabilities.

6/29/98- PageFX a 2nd Generation VRML Authoring Tool
A brief review and an example of the capabilities of PageFX.

6/22/98-The Truman Show and Virtual Reality
A movie with interesting virtual themes.

6/15/98- Virtual Soccer
A great way to watch the world cup, virtually.

6/8/98- Colony City
A preview of this new extension to Cybertown, great multi-user community.

6/1/98- How Much VRML is Out There
An unscientific yet interesting look at how much VRML and other media types are out on the net.

5/25/98- How VRML became an ISO Standard
The definitive history of VRML and ISO by Rikk Carey, George Carson and Richard Puk.

5/18/98- VRML, Ready for Prime Time
A variety of major media outlets are using VRML to promote their, movies, TV networks, and Web sites.

5/11/98- PROTOs for Dummies IV: Speak to Me
Adding sound and visual feedback to interaction.

5/4/98- Streaming VRML, Issues and Opportunities
Various activities and issues to get those VRML files delivered to your desktop.

4/27/98- VRML Dream The Historic Performance
The live Shakespear performance happens and makes VRML history.

4/20/98- Current Events: Multi-user, Flocking, Death and Taxes
A variety of VRML events for the week.

4/13/98- PROTOs for Dummies III: Adding Behaviors
Let's add some action, and start to poke those eyeballs.

4/6/98- A Week Without the VRML List
The VRML List suffered a major crash at the VRML Consortium, what's a person to do.

3/30/98- PROTOs for Dummies II: Creating Modular Prototypes
A discussion of EXTERNPROTOs and more complex parameters.

3/23/98- PROTOs for Dummies I: Intro to Prototypes
A simple intro to VRML prototyping the built in language extension mechanism.

3/16/98- VRML for the Masses
Recent trends are moving VRML towards mass adoption and use.

3/9/98- VRML Content with a Capital C
Discussions leading towards the creation of the Content Development Working Group.

3/2/98- VRML98 Demo Night URLs
A handy dandy collection of the presentor's URLs for the VRML98 demo night.

2/23/98- VRML98 Impressions of the Week that Was
The good the bad and the ugly of VRML98 the big VRML show.

2/16/98- Conversations with Angels
Check out this wild stuff and find out what happens when real artists use VRML.

2/9/98- Virtual Theater
Find out how VRML is being used for various theatrical experiences.

2/2/98- VRML98 It's the REAL Deal
The anticipation for VRML98 builds, here's a preview.

1/26/98- Interview with Eric Anschutz
Eric Anshutz CSO of Shouth Interactive, discusses the developmenht of MOD.

1/19/98- South Park in VRML
Ian Dale's 3D models of the South Park gang.

1/12/98- Virtual Worlds, Really
The World of Worlds and physical places used for information access.

1/05/98- 1998 VRML Top Ten New Years Resolutions
Promises, promises, the new year is here and things to remember.


12/29/97- The VRML Year 1997
Another year in the life of VRML, some quick highlights and the crystal ball.

12/22/97- VRML is IS
VRML becomes an international standard (IS) ISO/IEC 14772, this week.

12/15/97- Financial Visualizations and VRML
Show me the money..or how to look and business and financial information with VRML.

12/08/97- Putting VRML Files on a Diet
Learn where to look and what to do when your VRML files are too large.

12/01/97- Virtual Communities II: Places Everyone
Find out what people are doing in those virtual communities everyone is trying to build.

11/24/97- Virtual Communities I: Building the Technologies
Explore the technologies being developed to build virtual communities.

11/17/97- Medical VRML Applications
Get some heart, explore VRML medical applications.

11/10/97- BioVRML, VRML in Biochemistry
Find out how VRML is being applied to biochemistry applications.

11/03/97- Life in Cyberspace
Learn how the world builders of the future are creating synthetic life and digital evolution.

10/27/97- Humanoids Among Us
Find out how the Humaniod Animation Working Group is populating those dead virtual worlds.