A Week Without the VRML List

Dateline: 4/6/98
So there I was last Friday coming in to work and gee...I thought, not too many mail messages.
I was a tad puzzled but then time went on and all day no VRML msgs. Very odd. So I went
over, or attempted to go to the VRML consortium's web site - vrml.org. Patiently waiting for a response...and then  the  vrml.org is not responding msg flashed onto my screen.

Well I'm mostly finish my weekly site update and then I remember OH NO this is the weekend The Mining Company is moving their servers to a larger network site (Global Center)...MY site is down  starting late Fri. What's going on here...the list is down...my site is down...AHHHHH...withdrawl symptoms are starting. I attempt to spend time with the kids...BUT NO they are too busy!

Saturday...My site is still down and so is the list...but hope springs eternal and by evening my site is back! The move to the new network  site is successful and TMC lives. So I work on the site and pretty much have it finished. I upload the changes and everything is fine...all I need to do now is announce the weekly site changes and that's it. BUT the list is down. Oh well the list won't see the changes until later but  my newsletter subscribers will...BUT nooooo my newsletter tool is down!

The web site is changed but no one can hear about it...(not that people are waiting breathless with anticipation) but I don't feel finished until I can announce the weekly changes. Surely the list will be back late Sun or Mon. Then I hear from one in the know that the real problem with vrml.org is that an SGI Challenge (a donated machine BTW) has had a major crash.
Hardware, backplanes, hard disks and more oh my!

Doesn't look like a quickie. My condolences to David the vrml.org sysadmin.
And don't ya know that just a couple of weeks ago all of the working group mailing lists were moved to vrml.org...such exquisite timing.
Where are Chris, Robert, Eric, Braden, Cindy, Linda, Bob, Len, Rikk, Gavin and what are they doing with all the free time? Not (shudder the thought) REAL WORK!

Tuesday passes no list.
Wednesday passes no list.
Thursday arrives - ahhh some mail.

David the overworked sysadmin sends a message that the LIST is back! My mailbox on Friday morning was  stuffed with about 20 or so messages...I've stopped shaking. Time to delete the messages :-)
Got any thoughts  post it on the board.

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