Serious Science

Dateline: 1/27/99

Are you feeling seriously scientific today? Well recently a number of very cool scientific VRML applications have been announced.

The Earth in VRML web site is a truly fantastic use of VRML for public education by those goofy geeks at NASA :-) Jeff de La Beaujardière and others from the Goddard Space Flight Center (of NASA) have created a marvelous national resource. The Earth Today Exhibition taking place at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC (part of the Smithsonian Institution) let's you view some of the exhibit right on your desktop via the marvels of VRML (are you tired of the hyperbole yet!).

The ALB Crystallography page created by Armel Le Bail contains a comprehensive collection of links by crystollographers, for crystollographers. There are loads of useful 3D links both to examples of VRML files, and more importantly tools to help you create the VRML crystal of your dreams.

Are you just dying to calculate some Molecular Orbitals? Well have I got a site for you! OrbVis - Calculation and 3D-Visualization of molecule orbitals allows you to draw in 2D via a Java applet a molecular structure, and then ask for the VRML visualzation of the molecular orbital just computed. The VRML models look cool too, even though I have no clue what they mean!

That's about all the science I can take for one day. Don't forget that these links and much more can be found in the Scientific Applications page right on this here site.

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