A Threesome for 3D Love

Dateline: 2/10/99

Flying Valentines

From the LiveArt98 Valentine Collection

Ah love is in the air. Your sweetheart is giving you THE LOOK. Never fear the world of 3D is at your service. We've got a collection of three very cool collections of LOVEly art for your honey.

First up are the terrific sites gathered by the folks at Trivista. The fun part is that you access the site via one of their fabulous ImageScene or PhotoCube VRML worlds. Trivista's authoring tools are some of the best ways to create quickie worlds.

Next we have some fabulous LiveArt clip art from the folks at Viewpoint Data Labs. They have made available for free a collection of romantic clip art for use with their LiveArt system. The innovative thing about LiveArt is that the clip art is in 3D (not that unusual) but you can change the style, the look, of the art it's very very cool!

Last but not least, there is the VRMLENTINES created by Andrew Reitemeyer (aka Kiwano). Hosted right here at your MiningCo VRML site this collection of VRML love notes can easily be sent as email attachments to your sweetie.

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