An Intro to Focus on Web3D

Dateline: 5/5/99

This is a fairly unusual article, but we live in unusual times! Actually I just wanted to introduce all the readers to this newly evolved VRML site, now called "Focus on Web3D". First the obligatory denial...I'm not abandoning VRML, no I did not have sexual relations with that woman ;-) ALL of the VRML content you've come to know, love, and criticize, is still here!

Buried in the upper portion of all home pages notice the search button, or simply scroll to the bottom where you can easily do a search for whatever you are looking for on this site. The searching also actually works now! There were some problems in the past, but it's simple and easy to find information now. You can of course just browse around and check out all those categories.

Speaking of categories a few words about them. All of the VRML information is under the various VRML categories like Applications and Authoring and so on. In many of the more general categories like VRML or Panoramic Imaging I've got links to FAQs. For some of the categories themselves a short explanation is in order:

All of these categories have loads of new links that were not present in the old VRML site, so please have a look around, take your shoes off and stay awhile. Please let me know what you do and don't like about the new organization, if I like your ideas I'll change stuff, if I don't I'll ignore ya ;-) Seriously let me know what you'd like to see!

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