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Dateline: 1/13/99

One of the aspects of VRML that's always intrigued me is that so much incredibly good stuff, comes from European sources. Maybe this shouldn't surprise me but the loud mouths are usually from the USA so the European excellence always seems to astonish me.

First let's look at some companies, which btw are all listed in the msubcomp.htm category page. We've got Ad Fresen A 3D design company in the Netherlands, creators of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphon in 3D; Fornax Extremely cool content development house in Hungary; Janet GmbH German multimedia service firm with top notch VRML capabilities; Mediaclick Oy A group of Finnish multimedia (including VRML) folks; Lunatic Interactive Creators of multiuser virtual worlds for clients such as Intel and blaxxun; okupi A very interesting London based consulting company focused on 3D for business and entertainment; Radical Group A Dutch Internet consulting house, with a bunch of cool VRML worlds; virtual real-estate VRML designers of award winning extremely high quality sites; Vivatech A seriously capable 3D/VRML consulting company in Germany; blaxxun interactive Creators of virutal community and avatar software (formerly black sun); Cybelius Software Makers of the Authorizer software for virtual product display and creation; Superscape The web site of a long time VR company now fully supporting VRML 2.0.

Along with these boffo companies there are, of course, a few user groups that provide a place for like minded virtual folks to get together in real life. Some of these groups are Ars Multimedia a French art group with interest in VRML animation; GerVRML German VRML Users Group; London Virtual Reality Group An active VR and VRML group; UK VR-SIG A Virtual Reality group in England, mostly dealing with VR but some interest in VRML; VR-SIG Finland VR Special Interest Group in Finnish. Last but not least there are the funky artist types typified by the MEET Factory OY folks, and the annual Ars Electronica events.

Needless to say there is a HUGE amount of activity in Europe. No surprise VRML99 is being held there. Register while you still can, and hope to see some of you there!

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