Dangerous Art, VRML, Java and High Technology

SRL What is Real poster
Images courtesy Survival Research Labs.

Dateline: 12/22/99

What can you say about a group of artists that play with Boeing jet engine powered flame throwers, tele-operated robots, 3D interfaces to robotic performance art, Web accessible projectile launchers all broadcast over the Internet. Welcome to the wonderful world of Survival Research Laboratories. (SRL).

Believe it or not, SRL was founded over twenty years ago by Mark Pauline the director. There have been over 40 performances to date. There are a variety of teleoperation interfaces to these devices. Primarily Java and or VRML based. According to Karen Marcelo one of the key SRL participants, "I believe its the first time anyone has made an immersive 3D interface to lethal machines that attracted the cops/firemen!" You can't beat that for sheer entertainment value ;-)

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