IBM's HotMedia 3.0

Dateline: 7/12/00

IBM's HotMedia 3.0 is a significant piece of software for authoring "rich media" for Web sites. It let's you put together in a synchronized way, audio, video, panoramic images and 3D graphics. The result of your media efforts are packaged up and can be published in a nice neat Java applet. The result being that the end user does not require a plug in for viewing merely a Java enabled Web browser. Oh and by the way, it's all streamed. Cool stuff! (Why they even won the PC Expo Best Software Award on June 29, 2000)

HotMedia main media selection dialog

HotMedia is the first major project to enable the creation of streamed audio, video, animations, 3D graphics, and more for delivery via Java applets requiring no plug-ins. It smells suspiciously like an MPEG4 authoring toolkit and bodes well both for MPEG4 and IBM.

This really is an feature rich product, not bad since it's free. According to IBM's list of features HotMedia includes:

Let's first look at the most interesting aspect of the tool it's 3D capabilities.

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