Lauryn Hill Goes Flat

Dateline: 10/20/99

Lauryn Hill Flatland Spot, click for concert/software info
Image courtesy Flatland Inc.

Lauryn Hill, one of the biggest recording stars at the end of this century is going live with Flatland and AltaVista. As part of AltaVista's marketing campaign for launching a new portal, Lauren Hill is performing in her first live webcast. The really special aspect (from the geek point of view) is that the performance will take place on video screen placed in a 3D virtual environment. This environment was created by the folks at Flatland and will use their Rover browser.

Take a look at screenshots from the live performance.

The truly exciting aspect is that this should prove to be the largest ever 3D experience on the Web. The concert will take place on Oct. 25th from New York's Irving Center. Predictions are for one of the largest ever audiences for a live music event, and it'll be in 3D Rover. Now that's a crowd!

Lauryn Hill Flatland Spot
Image courtesy Flatland Inc.

The 3DML "Spot" which describes the space will be hosted at the site with links coming from a variety of places on the AltaVista site. The video will be streamed in from Intevu. Flatland's Rover supports streamed video via RealMedia.

According to Michael Powers CEO of Flatland: "This Spot will contain ecommerce connections to, a trivia area, an image lounge, multiple video screens playing simultaneously (same live video - for the release it will use clips from her music videos), there are also a couple jet packs to fly you around the concert space and dancers on the floor. The 3DML file for this experience is 8K, the media for it is 372K."

From the non-geek perspective (always a challenge for yours truly) the other cool aspect is that the concert is also a benefit for The Refugee Project a non-profit organization founded by Ms. Hill. AltaVista will contribute $100,000 to the organization. Hey, they even sell cool tee-shirts for this great cause.

This breakthrough effort is another step towards ubiquitous 3D for the masses. Flatland's easy authoring approach with a small speedy browser is to be congratulated for this awesome project.

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