Tutorial: Converting VRML to Shout3D

Dateline: 6/7/00, Updated 12/5/00

The next "big" thing for Web3D is plug-in-less 3D. One of the best ways for accomplishing this is to use Java for your 3D renderer and one of the best is Shout Interactive's Shout3d.
Big News: check out Rob Polevoi's new "Interactive Web Design with Shout3D" book available in Dec. 2000 it's sure to be fabulous.

If you look at the documentation for shout3d you will immediatly notice that it doesn't support all those fun VRML nodes you've come to know and love. In fact shout3d is Shout Interactive's working proposal for what is know as Core X3D. It's a very minimal set of nodes. What's a content designer to do! Don't worry...be happy, use spazz3d.

Spazz3D with text created via 3D text creation wizard.

Spazz3D a VRML authoring program from Virtock has the wonderful characteristic of being able to import VRML and export shout3d. The result of this is that spazz3d does all the nasty conversions for you. Shout3d can basically only deal with geometry represented as Index Face Sets. Spazz3d converts all the geometry in your VRML model into Index Face Sets. It's able to do this not only for the simple geometry nodes like Sphere, Box and Cone but also for the more comlicated Extrusion node also.

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