South Park in 3D, VRML

Dateline: 1/19/98

IanDale, a major South Park fan, has done it! South Park goes 3D. These VRML models of four characters, produced by Ian, of four of the South Park gang are now available for your cyberspace viewing pleasure. The links in this page are to the VRML files. Of course to view them you need a VRML browser. VRML is not as Scott Adams, Mr. Dilbert says, the Very Ridiculous Markup Language, rather it is in fact an official 100% ratified ISO standard known as The Virtual Reality Modeling Language ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997....yeah yeah...BFD. So check out Cartman, Kyle, Stan and last but never least 'till he's dead Kenny.

Actually VRML is how to view cool 3D graphic things on the net. You need a VRML browser of course. The two most popular ones are CosmoPlayer or WorldView (use WorldView if you have a Mac). Get one now!

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