VRML98 It's the REAL Deal

Dateline: 2/2/98

VRML98 is just around the cybercorner and it promises to be be bigger and better than ever. Packed with tutorials, workshops, paper sessions, and the infamous "Demo Night" VRML98 will be THE place to be if you're into VRML. The NERF gun method of presenting demo's, shooting presenters off the stage if they run on and on...is an absolute model for the entire world of technical conferences. It'll put hair on the chest of the presenters, male or female :-)

For those that think VRML is having problems a few small companies, Microsoft, SGI (aka Cosmo Software) and Sony, have decided to sponsor portions of the conference. Microsoft's VRML CD has already taken the community by storm, and it's wonderful to see some of the famed Microsoft marketing muscle put towards a worthy cause.

We can expect to see the unveiling of the new VRML Review Board (VRB) and the new VRML
Board of Directors for the VRML Consortium. These esteemed folks will be expected to guide the continuing development of VRML as it moves now from technical infancy to adolescence, always a troubling time.

The VRML Gallery which this year to quote from the VRML consortium page:

One of the highlights of the conference has got to be the much anticipated (at least my me) first presentation of VRML Dream, if these folks can actually pull-it-off, which is after all half the fun of watching.

Companies like Shout Interactive will be mounting a full court press as they attempt to get their products on the radar screens of the VRML community and more importantly in the minds of the general Web community. Superscape, Cybertech Industries, Ligos, Platinum Tech., Intervista, Blaxxun Interactive, Realnet Software are just some of the companies that will be joining the "big boys" on the exhibit floor.

Hope to see you all there!

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