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Dateline: March 21, 2001

Don't look now but it's happening again, this Web site is expanding (just like my waistline). In Oct 1997 I started with this site as the VRML Guide, then in May 1999 I exanded coverage to all types of Web3D technologies. Now I'm going totally nuts (drum roll please) and will be covering all types of 3D graphics, for the Web or not, and Virtual Reality. Actually I've been covering Virtual Reality for quite a while anyway. I've also in a major way got to thank Sue Chastain the Graphics Software Guide who was covering some 3D graphics topics and decided to stick with 2D graphics, for letting me take over her terrific collection of 3D links. I had been thinking of expanding this site and Sue's desire to shed the 3D links was just the ticket!

Back to business, exactly what is going to be covered? All types of 3D graphics software including the high end professional packages like Maya and 3ds max, rendering systems like Renderman and Mental Ray, rendering farms and all those cool Hollywood special effects tools. One very important point: I'm not abandoning Web3D or VRML in any way. I intend on covering these topics just as much as ever and Web3D will remain the heart of this site.

The new pages of topics I've got so far are under the heading 3D Resources and General Graphics always availble on the top of the left column over there:

3D Graphics General and Overview Information
General information, basic lessons, glossaries, and other resources about 3D graphics software.

3D Graphics Software for PC
Includes high-end and consumer-level products for modeling, rendering, and animation; plus assorted shareware and freeware 3D tools, 3D software for the Web, and tools for creating 3D text, logos, and animated headings.

3D Graphics Software for Macintosh
3D graphics software products for Macintosh. Includes high-end and consumer-level products for modeling, rendering, and animation; plus assorted shareware and freeware 3D tools.

3D Graphics Software Tutorials & More
Tutorials and other resources for a number of 3D graphics software programs including Bryce, 3D Studio MAX, trueSpace, Lightwave, Poser, Nendo, Rhino, and more.

3D Studio Max
Resources for users of 3D Studio MAX and 3D Studio Viz including tutorials, third party tools, plug-ins, freebies, books, training resources, user communities, and more.

Bryce Tutorials & Resources
Various resources for users of Corel Bryce (formerly from MetaCreations). Includes tutorials, free downloads, discussion forums, support resources, add-on tools and utilities, user communities, and more.

Lightwave Resources
Tutorials, tips, free downloads, and other resources for users of Lightwave 3D.

Poser Resources
General information, tutorials, tips, free downloads, online communities, and more for users of Curious Labs' Poser (formerly from MetaCreations).

POV-Ray Tutorials and Resources
Tutorials and resources for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer.

Terragen Resources and Tutorials
Terragen is a free landscape modeling application. These sites offer tutorials, galleries of Terragen generated images, Terragen plug-ins, add-ons, and other files for download, answers to frequently asked questions, and Terragen user communities.

trueSpace Tutorials and Resources
Tutorials, tips, plug-ins, free downloads, and other resources for users of Caligari trueSpace 3d graphics software.

Please explore these pages as they have links to lots more stuff. I'd also love to hear your ideas on other topics you'd like to see covered. So keep those cards and letters coming.

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