Spazz3d and Shout3d a Killer Combo

Dateline: 3/8/00

Developing VRML content is usually a cross between an ordeal and a satisfying sigh when it finally works. Two new tools are now available then push the experience more towards satisfaction. Virtock's Spazz3D version 2 is chock full of new features and is integrated with Shout3D an amazingly effective way to deliver your content.

The two tools are integrated by clicking on a button (the one on the left) spazz menus which opens up the shout3D wizard. The shout3D wizard is a little utility that let's users modify a few characteristics of the shout3D content. In this case you simply hit the preview button after the wizard is launched from spazz3D and a Web page is created and displayed the embedded shout3D content. Create the content is spazz3D (ba da) select the shout3D button (bing) and select the preview button (ba da boom) and you're up and running.

This is a totally awesome and powerful combination. Even better you can buy Spazz3D for $100 and you can use a full featured shout3D for free (for non commercial site). Just fork over $199 and you can use shout3D for your commercial site and remove the branding banner on the 3D world. These are hard to beat prices and make professional quality development and delivery tools available to virtually everyone.

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