It's a Virtual World, Really

Dateline: 1/12/98

One of the most intriguing applications for VRML, and virtual environments in general, are representations of real places. The earth, cities, buildings and other real spaces can be modeled and those models can be used as the front-ends for access to information about those places. It's a natural intuitive technique.

10. I will always gzip my worlds.

9. I will place my worlds on a diet removing more than 3 significant digits.

8. I will create AND document PROTOs.

7. I will always create WorldInfo Nodes describing my worlds.

6. I will use the Background Node and get rid of  the ugly black void.

5. I will test my worlds on more than one VRML browser.

4. I will remember that CosmoPlayer is NOT the only VRML browser in existence.

3. I will remember that VRML for the Macintosh does exist.

2. I will not use 3D gratuitously.

1. I will remember that above all content counts.

May all your worlds be filled with prosperity, adventure and most of all fun!

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