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Shout3D is as close as anything has come to a killer Web3D application. This pure java renderer allows content providers to deliver their content on multiple platforms in a reliable, let me stress that one more time, in a RELIABLE way.

Shout3D implements Shout Interactive's proposal for a core set of X3D nodes. In reality it's what people used to call "VRML Light". While there is a lot of VRML missing it's amazing how much can be done. In addition access to Java allows you to extend shout3D for your own proprietary needs. In face during the Web3D 2000 conference one company Perceptronics demonstrated a multiuser extension put right on top of shout3D. Cool!

The shout3D wizard is a simple, easy to use, but limited (of course) utility to get you started.

Shout Interactive is developing a wide range of extensions to shout3D and uses these extensions for internal content development projects. One notable project was the Excite Extreme Fashion Show produced for Macys, which demonstrated seamless avatars strutting their stuff down a runway. shout3d fashion show

There is no question in my mind that as shout3D matures the plug-in less nature of the application is a huge win. Additional extensions such as streaming and hardware acceleration were demonstrated also at the Web3D 2000 conference and I can't wait for more.

The combination of inexpensive yet professional authoring tools such as Spazz3D and the delivery platform offered by shout3D will undoubtedly accelerate higher quality and more ubiquitous Web3D content popping up all over the Web.

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