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Keith Victor, the main man behind Spazz3D has created a wonderful tool. It's highly functional but a little rough around some of the user interface edges. One of my personal nits is the crappy looking icons. It's not major deal and Keith assures me they will be reworked but they cheapen the feel of this great product.

Spazz3D is loaded with features, boolean operations are great for cutting and shaping index face sets to just the right shape. A NURBS deformation let's you create the new extended NURBS nodes. Spazz3D is also the first commercial application to take advantage and support the work of the UMEL (Universal Media Element Library) of the Web3D Consortium. It provides a library of textures and lots more for content creators. One of my favorite features are the Wizards. There is a wizard to let you easily create a camera animation that orbits the world. Another wizard makes simple animated 3D text.

Finally if you're a visitor to blaxxun's Colony City Spazz has a build in wizard for avatar manipulation that understands standard Colony City (CoCi) avatar gesture conventions.

Spazz's great strength is the thorough way it deal with VRML. The tree pane displays in an outline view the scene graph. Double clicking on any node in the tree pane brings up a dialog specific to that node and you can adjust the field values. Often you can adjust the field values simply by dragging an object and if desired, typing them in. The illustration below is specific for animation and offers a great deal of interactivity and flexibility while maintaining the precision often necessary via specific typed values. In general Spazz hides most of the syntactic details of VRML but allows you to get dirty when necessary.
spazz3d animation dialog

In addition to the shout3D button that launches the shout3D wizard you can export from spazz3D directly to shout3D via the "Export Shout3D..." File menu item. It produced the shout3D file directly.

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