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There is an image and video archive at the ICC Web site, cosponsors of the Tokyo event. You can check out the complicated networking configuration also. The interview with Mark Pauline SRL's Director is interesting, confusing and certainly gets you thinking about all this stuff. If you happen to be in Japan check out the ICC Theater Program.

On December 23rd, 1999 a major SRL show entitled: "SRL Thoughtfully Regards: The Arbitrary Calculation of Pathological Amusement" is taking place in Tokyo. A 40 foot high cube "with 28 tons of that good SRL stuff" is getting shipped to Tokyo. All your favorite death and destruction teleoperated machines will be there.

SRL encourages participants to build and create their own machines. They must simply follow these guidelines: General Guidelines:

Bring SRL to your home town. All the details and costs are available on-line. Imagine an SRL performance instead of the usual holiday fireworks! Better yet how about something different for that company picnic ;-)

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