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You can check out a VRML view of the Pitching Machine created by John Kilma. VRML interface
VRML Interface to "The Boeing" and "Epileptic Bot"

At Siggraph 99 Karen Marcelo (part of the SRL team) presented a VRML version of the track robot teleoperated at the Web98 conference at Moscone Center. The controls via the "Bot Cam" or "Boeing Cam" let you move the arms and fire the projectile.

These folks like to build machines, big dangerous machines. Some of the machines are controlled remotely via anonymous users on the net. The machines go by names like: "Pitching Machine", "Hover Craft", "Track Robot", "Hand-O-God", "Flame Whistle" and a few others. Don't be fooled by the names. These aren't typical artsy-fartsy objects.

View the machines that are moving to Tokyo for performance, but more on that later. According to info on the SRL Web site The "Pitching Machine" is:

"..arguably the most dangerous machine ever fabricated at SRL. Going by the innocuous title of the Pitching Machine, this device launches 6 foot 2"x4"s at a velocity of 120 m.p.h.. This provides a calculated range of 800 ft. It is equipped with an automatic loading system holding 20 boards and is powered by a 500 cubic inch Eldorado engine. "

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