O VR World: The Magazine for Virtual Reality Developers and Users

O VR Metropolis: An Exclusive Online Guide to Virtual Reality

O Virtual Reality Books

O VR World '95: May 22-25, San Jose, California

O Hot Virtual Reality Sites:
A dynamite link to an exhaustive (but frequently updated) list of VR on the Web, including academic, government, and commercial sites. Created and sponsored by Open Virtual Reality Testbed a fabulous site chock-full of other VR goodies as well.

O On The Net: Internet Resources in Virtual Reality
One of the best sites covering Internet-based VR information, "On The Net: Internet Resources in Virtual Reality," is maintained by Toni Emerson, a "cybrarian" and VR research consultant at the University of Washington's Human Interface Technology Lab in Seattle. Emerson's invaluable ocument launches Net surfers at warp speed to every major site in VR.

O NewType Gaming magazine
A comprehensive gaming magazine, now available online. This one is hard to resist!

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