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Finishing Up

You can, of course test your animation in the staging window in the interface and move the playback head back and forth in real time. The playback in the application does not have the same frame rate as the finished Flash animation, which is to be expected and not a problem.

playback head and staging area
Playback head and staging area

export dialog
Export Dialog

The export dialog that comes up upon execution presents a variety of export options. It's also interesting to note that you can export sequential .EPS files and sequential Adobe Illustrator files (.ai).

Swift3D is a terrific tool for creating 3D graphics for use by Flash. After export you simply import the graphics into Flash for integration with the rest of your animation or the addition of interactive controls. Flash is also needed to clean up any rough edges left from Swift3D. The fact that I was able to produce a passable animation without reading the manual is a key test for my simple brain and Swift3D passes with flying colors. Now if that free trial would just appear all would be wonderful.

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