VRML Dream Live Performance IRC Chat 4/26/98

  CSLHorse: on director's view on marconi ... no motion or sound
 VRMLDream: We're in an intermission now.
      Mohn: if I go to Directors view I am always missing the tool bar on
the little screen
 VRMLDream: You should see the forest in Director's view.
    sandyr: was that half of the performance?
  CSLHorse: when I switched to director's view I lost the CP console ...
 VRMLDream: Were you getting midi before?
    LanceO: yep...forest....no midi at all...
   dennism: Going out for some popcorn :) Looks good Bernie!
 VRMLDream: That was about half-way, I would guess.  We're just resetting
the characters.
 VRMLDream: Thanks, Dennis!
      Mohn: still seeing egeus 9?)
   AndrewS: no midi on norton, and same for the lack of control with Cosmo
in Director's View.
    sandyr: CSLHorse hit page up /down to get consoe (thanks dennis)
   _johnny: mohn, strike pag down you have the control again
      Mohn: johnny: tnx, but doesnt work for me
 VRMLDream: You won't see any action for a minute or two, since we're
rearranging puppeteers.  There's audio being recorded, but you can't hear it
right now.
    sandyr: I'm video taping this...but not great quality
  CSLHorse: sandyr: Thanx. Works great.
   AndrewS: what does the IP/2074 mean in SF? two thousand connections to
that IP?
   AndrewS: Some smooth motion, no sound on NOrton
 VRMLDream: No, that's the port number.  It uses 2074 for the audio data.
  CSLHorse: Bernie et al: on my CAESAR relay/copy I was getting warnings on
eh VRML console ... couldn't "play" MIDI files.
  CSLHorse: 'Twas permissions on the ".mid" files ... could that potentially
be the problem on your stuff?
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 VRMLDream: No, that would only affect people connected to caesar.  Also the
voices are entirely separate from the MIDI.
    sandyr: is the play running...or is this still testing?
   dennism: It's the play Sandy
   Paulsam: I tried re-opening Netscape & going to Marconi - got a
NullPointer exception on the Applet.
    sandyr: thankx
 VRMLDream: Running right now.
   AndrewS: how many people are controlling the characters now? Are tehy
located around the country?
   Paulsam: Wow - I'm finally there - seeing the forest scene with the
    LanceO: The mechanicals look awesome.
    sandyr: yeah they do look great
      Mohn: paulsam what did you do to get there???
    LanceO: Bernie...still no MIDI.
 VRMLDream: There are seven puppeteers.  Because of network problems here at
the McLuhan Centre, we couldn't have remote actors for this performance. :-(
   Paulsam: We need som text narration to let folks know what's happening -
Puck just came in.
    sandyr: yes that would be great Paul
            Mohn nods
    sandyr: Puck is the one with wings?
   Paulsam: Mohn: I reloaded Netscape and went to Marconi.
   dennism: Thats Titania Sandy
 VRMLDream: Yes, Titania and Oberon have wings.
   Paulsam: Sorry - my mistake
   AndrewS: Anyone know how this looks over a modem? Or is everyone onm a
   Paulsam: I'm on ISDN
    sandyr: im on T1 or T3...at work
 VRMLDream: We're continuing the audio, but we didn't have time to block out
the rest of the show...
   Paulsam: Well, why bother continuing the audio if none of us can hear it?
    sandyr: continuing the audio that we cant here :-)
    LanceO: I'm also on ISDN
   dennism: there's Puck
  CSLHorse: I'm on a T1 ...
   _jorgen: I have to use a modem, because troubles with the firewall.... It
looks OK
   Paulsam: Puck's cool - not exactly Mickey Rooney, hmmm?
    sandyr: who is that evil looking char?
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   shellll: 5,1>2,1<3,1(1,1(,1(3,1(,1(,1º,1> ,13 Hi , VRMLDream, _johnny,
_jorgen, AndrewS, CSLHorse, dennism, intgi, LanceO, LeeG, Mohn, Paulsam,
sandyr! ,1<,1º,1),1)1,1)3,1)2,1)5,1>,1<
   _johnny: i'm on modem 28.8 i see motion good but not sound, from italy
            Mohn claps for italy participating via modem
   dennism: Is there going to be a rebroadcast? that would have been
fantastic with audio!
            LeeG joins in the applause for Itali
    sandyr: damn...i gotta go...I grabbed a bunch of screens...put em up
soon..maybe tomrrow
  CSLHorse: I'm on MARCONI ... no sound, no motion in the director's view.
  CSLHorse: Anyone see any movement right now? And connected to what host?
    sandyr: yeah even though the audio didn't work it was way cool Bern and
   shellll: i could not see anything   how is it going?
    sandyr: yeah its moving
  CSLHorse: MIDI files working on CAESAR now (no VRML warnings at all).
   Paulsam: I assume that's Oberon flapping around.
      Mohn: I always had troubles participating from Austria (timezones and
 VRMLDream: We're recording the data stream locally.
   AndrewS: So are we seeing live motion or pre-recorded stuff?
    sandyr: if anyone is around at 4PMish how about meeting in my chat room
 VRMLDream: Yes, the plan is to rebroadcast once we've fixed the audio
    sandyr: cool bern
 VRMLDream: *smile*  True, Paul, but Puck is a bit short of stature.
 VRMLDream: The guy with the mohawk is Oberon.
 VRMLDream: Live motion.
   shellll: bern  i'm merrill's brother  how's it going?
 VRMLDream: Thanks, Sandy!
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© sandyr © 0shellll Nice to see You !3 © ©1 ©3 © ©1 ©
 VRMLDream: WIngs and mohawk are Oberon.
    sandyr: Bern so do you have a recording of the whole thing with audio?
 VRMLDream: I'll mentiong it to Stephen, Sandy.
      Mohn: hi minz
 VRMLDream: i, shellll -- it's going okay.  A lot of people are having
trouble heaing the sound, though.
   _johnny: hi shell
      Minz: hello, 3 Mohn 2 nice to see you !
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 VRMLDream: Yes, we're recording the whole thing.
      Minz: ,8G,15R,11E,13E,4T,8I,15N,11G,13S,4 ,8T,15O,11 ,13Y,4O,8U,15 ,11
Ragtimer ,15 ,11!,13 ,4!,8 ,15,11,8,15 ,11H,13O,4W,8'S,11 ,13L,4I,8F,15E,11
,13,4,8,13T,4R,8E,15A,11T,13I,4 N,8 G ,15,11Y ,13O,4U,8,15 ?
   AndrewS: I don't see anything moving or hear anything on Caesar. Do I
need to open another SF?
   shellll: problem with sound?
    sandyr: no prob
   shellll: hi minzy
      Minz: hello, 3 shellll 2 nice to see you !
      Minz: i shel
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   shellll: there's love in this room
      Minz: ,8G,15R,11E,13E,4T,8I,15N,11G,13S,4 ,8T,15O,11 ,13Y,4O,8U,15 ,11
Nena ,15 ,11!,13 ,4!,8 ,15,11,8,15 ,11H,13O,4W,8'S,11 ,13L,4I,8F,15E,11
,13,4,8,13T,4R,8E,15A,11T,13I,4 N,8 G ,15,11Y ,13O,4U,8,15 ?
   anngirl: ok
   anngirl: HI
    sandyr: great...gotta run...catch yall later...CONGRATS FOLKS
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   _johnny: hi minz
   anngirl: So what's this chan about?
      Minz: hello, 3 _johnny 2 nice to see you !
  Ragtimer: Sorry got booted...
  CSLHorse: Andrew: go to TESLA or one of the CA machines ... we got the
CAESAR relay up very late in the game and I don't think it is working
  Ragtimer: The animations are running well now though
   shellll: i could not get anything
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      LeeG: Bernie, how are the actors synching their voices to the motion?
    LanceO: shellll go to director's view
  CSLHorse: One of the machines is at
 VRMLDream: We're actually doing it the other way around -- the puppeteers
are synching to the actor's voices.
      LeeG: Regarding the synching of voices, are all views completely in
synch with each other, that is all perspectives?
  Ragtimer: Is there sound?
   shellll: how?
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 VRMLDream: If I undderstand your quesiton, LeeG, the answer is yes.
    LanceO: Sh:Are you using Cosmo?
   shellll: is that you stephen?
   shellll: yup
 VRMLDream: No, it's Bernie.
   shellll: hi bern
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    LanceO: lower left there's a button which will give you a list of all
   shellll: yup
   AndrewS: No sound on Tesla right?
  CSLHorse: TESLA's now showing motion in the forest scene @ the director's
viewpoint, BTW.
  Ragtimer: Hey where in Ill?
  Ragtimer: Chicago here?
   Paulsam: When Titania was asleep, was she inside the hillside?
 VRMLDream: Correect -- no sound on any machine outside of our head end.
   shellll: minz i'm gonna give it one last shot
  Ragtimer: Yes very smooth once I rebooted
 VRMLDream: Should be in Athens now.
  Ragtimer: It looks fantastic even without sound:)
      Minz: im  doing that shel
    LanceO: Still in forest...
    LanceO: got mechanicals again
  Ragtimer: No I am still in the forest
  Ragtimer: Wait now moving
  Ragtimer: botom and a tree now
    LanceO: OK...Athens
  Ragtimer: I got Eugus
  Ragtimer: Temple
   AndrewS: Any idea of the amount of time delay? From the time that
VRMLDream told us we should be in Athens, I think it was probably about 45
  Ragtimer: moving in to chairs
    LanceO: yep
   dennism: Nice effect with the lights. That is Theseus voice right?
      LeeG: Bernie, is there one puppeteer for each character?
  Ragtimer: Eugus head is at a funny angle...
    LanceO: Dennis, can you hear Theseus's voice????!!??
  Ragtimer: Behind chairs
   dennism: No, just guessing.
 VRMLDream: Yes, the lights flash when Theseus speaks.
   Paulsam: Now I finally got the big move in to the chairs and to reverse
shot toward the actors
    LanceO: :-) Whew...
*** Signoff: _johnny (Ping timeout)
     intgi: cool the free view works too - now i can move in the scene ;)
            Mohn claps and is glad for intgi
   AndrewS: this lookds really great. It opens up a lot of possibilities. I
can't wait to see it with sound.
 VRMLDream: We're going to make it a daylight background in a moment....
 VRMLDream: Let me know when you see the background change (so we can
measure lag)
  Ragtimer: Wow that was kewl...
  Ragtimer: Very smooth Bernie on my end
  Ragtimer: Moving now
  Ragtimer: Watching Flute approach
  Ragtimer:  now moving so I can see wall
    LanceO: I got wall
  CSLHorse: I got wall 2.
  Ragtimer: Awesome
  Ragtimer: Moving back
   Paulsam: I've got wall, but no lighting change.
  Ragtimer: Wall walks up
  Ragtimer: Athenians and wall now all in scene
      LeeG: I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was
  Ragtimer: That bricks great:)
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  Ragtimer: Moving again
  Ragtimer: Thrones visible now
  Ragtimer: Now there's a thought Chat the dialouge...
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    LanceO: daylight
   dennism: daylight!
   Paulsam: Here too.
     intgi: same here
      LeeG: Ragtime, that was in last August in Linz, Austria :)
      LeeG: Ragtimer, done last August rather
   _johnny: a terrible crash:/
  Ragtimer: Kewl wish I had known:)
 VRMLDream: Hi everyone, it's Stephen
    LanceO: Hi Stephen
 VRMLDream: So hopw many of you got the audio?
   Paulsam: Hi stephen
    LanceO: none
  Ragtimer: Puk now in the forest
   dennism: Hi Stephen!! Great stuff.
  Ragtimer: Nice head movements
      LeeG: A paramour is, God bless us! a thing of naught
   shellll: it keeps saying client not found applet can't start
  Ragtimer: Hiya Stephen
  Ragtimer: Yes killer so far:)
 VRMLDream: Well, it was rough
  Ragtimer: End?
  Ragtimer: I got Black screen
   shellll: hi stephen
      Minz: Hi Stephen my puter seized everytime before it had loaded
   dennism: I don't think any of us got the sound, but the motions were
  Ragtimer: Kewl credits
     intgi: very nice
      LeeG: A stage, where every man must play a part
    LanceO: Nice credits...
   Paulsam: Awwww - I guess that was the curtain! Since these revels now
have ended, think but this and all is mended - that you did but slumber
here, while these visions did appear.
 VRMLDream: TMinxz, that could be a problem with  the java
      Minz: ok
   AndrewS: The characters looked really good and the motion was fantastic;
sound would've really added alot
Illinoispe: Hi.  My computer too illiterate to work (not enough ram).  But
I'm getting a new one.
            LeeG applauds the VRML Dream team
   AndrewS: What do you think about doing it again another time?
Illinoispe: Will you do this again sometime?
   _johnny: andrew, goos idea
   _johnny: :)
  Ragtimer: I am sure we will IllPer
  Ragtimer: Applauding Loudly:)
 VRMLDream: Yes, we planto have remounts later.  But now, Bernie and I will
  Ragtimer: Great work guys and galls:)!!!
   AndrewS: Well you guys certainly deserve it. It was really cool.
    LanceO: Great job...
  Ragtimer: LOL I'll bet...
   AndrewS: I can imagine the amount of work that's behind that.
   Paulsam: Kudos all around! Can't wait for the audio version!
   _jorgen: Thank you!
   dennism: Yes, Kudos to the puppeters.
   AndrewS: How were you guys recording it all?
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   AndrewS: What's the addres for the survey? Can't read it very well.
     intgi: mohn: hi back ;)
      Mohn: hi
      Mohn: so..... its over??
  Ragtimer: VRMLDream save your buffer file
    LanceO: I like what's going on with the lights right now
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  Ragtimer: Mine is incomplete
      LeeG: WB, Mohn
   Paulsam: I've got to run - Talk to you all later. (Maybe this week I'll
get to Sandy's Wed. eve chat.
  Ragtimer: Yes the staging was great...
   dennism: Stephen, who was running the camera?
  Ragtimer: Kewl:)
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  Ragtimer: Laters:)
   AndrewS: Could you please repeate the url www.hitl.washington... ?
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      Mohn: VRMLDream: do you plan to stage vrmldream again, soon?
            Mohn smiles at Bernie
   dennism: Those guys are probably popping the cork right now :)
   _johnny: vrmldream can reapet the url for survey please?
      LeeG: Bernie must be asleep on his feet
  CSLHorse: LeeG: no, Bernie told me this morning he got a *whole* 6 hours
last nite! :)
   _johnny: good night Bernie
      Mohn: will you publish the log of the chat?
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      LeeG: Bernie, Steve, quite an undertaking!  You guys and the whole
group deserve a lot of credit
            Mohn claps for VRML Dream team
   AndrewS: The address of the survey is one the closing screen;
  CSLHorse: Applause! Applause! Applause!  Applause!
  CSLHorse: Encore?
   _johnny: andrew tnx
      Mohn: "encore!!!!
            LeeG joins in the applause
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  Ragtimer: welcome back dennis:)